All you need to know about Nokrek Biosphere Reserve

Nokrek Biosphere Reserve is located at West Garo Hills of Meghalaya which is nearly 45 km away from Tura. The biosphere reserve is home to different species of wild animals including elephants and many other animals. This Biosphere Reserve has been recognized by UNESCO in the month of May 2009.
Nokrek Biosphere Reserve
Since then Nokrek Biosphere Reserve has seen a huge inflow of tourists from different states of India as well as from different countries.  This Biosphere Reserve offers a great opportunity to visitors who are interested in exploring the natural beauty and the rich flora and fauna.
For the tourist, those who are visiting from outside must plan for shorter trips because of the lack of accommodation facilities. Though, The locals are very friendly and will try to make arrangements for you but still, it's better to make a one-day trip.
The Biosphere Reserve earned the reputation for Meman Narang(Citrus Indica) orange of the spirits in the local language which is considered as the mother of the citrus fruit. Citrus India can be found only in this region that is why it is considered an endangered species. The shape of Citrus India is round and small in size which is somewhat looks like a small orange.
The Nokrek Biosphere Reserve covers a huge area which is about 47 sq Km out of that almost 90% area is covered with forest.

Transportation Facilities to Nokrek Biosphere Reserves

Well, That's a Hilly place and you will not get any bus or public transport. So you will need to hire small cars from Tura as the road are very narrow. Cars you can hire like Bolero, Mahindra Pickup, etc.

Nokrek national park is located in which state?

Ans: Nokrek national park is located in the West Garo Hills of Meghalaya.

How To Reach from Airport to Nokrek Biosphere Reserve?

Ans: The nearest airport to reach this biosphere reserve is Guwahati International Airport from there you will get a direct Bus or Taxi to Tura and from Tura, you can hire a taxi to reach the Nokrek.