Balphakram National Park - The Sacred Land

Balphakram National Park is located at South Garo Hills in Meghalaya. This National Park is considered a sacred place for Garos. If you're interested in nature, wildlife, mythology, or superstition, there's a little bit out there for everyone in the land of spirits.

Balphakram National Park

This National Park and wildlife sanctuary are roughly 90kilometers away from Baghmara, and it is well known for its extreme richness in biodiversity. Many of the exotic and rare species are endemic to the Balphakram plateau only.

It is perhaps the only place where the countless numbers of scarce species of plants and animals live together in one small tableland. 

That is why this 350 thousand square kilometers land was declared as a national park in December 1987 by the then Prime Minister late Rajiv Gandhi.

Balphakram National Park

It is the home of the barking deer and the golden cat. Commonly seen animals include wild water buffalo, red panda elephant, and eight cats species, including the tiger and marbled cat.

 According to Garo myth, the Balphakram is the land of eternal death and has a stunning landscape and one of the best Canyon around the region.

Permission has to be sought from the wildlife authorities before entering. Balphakram national park, Meghalaya, is one of India's national parks, which is considered to be the home to vast species of plants and animals and is located amid the Garo Hills in Meghalaya. 

The Balphakram national park Meghalaya attracts both tourists and nature lovers from all over the world.

Balphakram National Park

Balphakram National Park is famous for:  

The parks are famous for the golden cat and the barking deer. There is a wide range of species of mammals, reptiles, and birds. In the forest, other animals include wild water buffalo, red panda, elephant, and eight species of cats, including the tiger and marbled cat white species of baboons, and monkeys are also found in the forest. 

The rivers and lakes in the wildlife reserve are home to various species of birds. It is famous for its pitcher plant and many medicinal plants.

Balphakram National Park

Best time to visit Balphakram National Park 

The best time to visit Balphakram National Park Meghalaya is from October to March for visitor's information. During this time, the weather will be pleasant with little rainfall, so this will be the time to watch animals as they will come to drink water in the lakes and rivers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to reach Balphakram National Park Meghalaya?

Ans: You can easily reached to this National Park in Meghalaya.As It is near to Shillong and is well connected by roadways, and also you can get there from Tura.

Q: Balphakram national park is located in which state?

Ans: It is located in Meghalaya.

Information Source: Wikipedia