Things You Need To Know About Kamakhya Temple

 The Kamakhya Temple is a Sakta temple devoted to the deity Kamakhya. This temple is similarly recognized as Kamrup-Kamakhya temple and is among the ancientest of the 51 Shakti Pithas, and is located on the western portion of the Nilachal Hill, Guwahati Assam, India.

The Kamakhya Temple is the principal shrine in a compound of special temples devoted to the ten Mahavidyas of Saktism i.e., Tara, Kali Bhuvaneshwari, Sodashi, Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Chhinnamasta, Kamalatmika, and Matangi.

Kamakhya Temple

Amid these ten, Matangj, Tripurasundari, and Kamla stay inward the major shrine while the additional seven dwell in particular shrines. The Kamakhya Temple is an important holy place for Hindus and particularly for Tantric believers.

The Kalika Purana, a historical endeavor in Sanskrit, illustrates Kamakhya as the surrenderer of every feeling, Shiva's new wife, and the donor of redemption.

The recent constructional shrine, constructed and rebuilt several times, provided growth to a combination of the native structure that is periodically known as the Nilachal type: that signifies a half-round dome of a temple on a cruciate floor.

The Kamakhaya temple comprises four chambers i.e., Garbhagriha and three mandapas narrowly named Calantha, Nata Mandira, and Pancha Ratna, straighten from east to west. The notion of sacrifices remains today, with believers reaching each dawn with animals and birds to the deity.

Kamakhya Temple

Symbolic representation

 Kamakhya is described as a 16 years old young deity, with twelve arms and six skulls of contrasting hues, characterizing a strong divinity who is almighty, all-knowing, and ubiquitous.

Kamakhya Devi is wearing elegant ornaments and red blossoms like hibiscus. She carries lotus, harpoon, bulge, bell, baton, goad and shield in her all ten hands, and her other two remaining hands carry a pot, which is created of gold or skull.

Kamakhya is sat above a lotus, immediately on top of Lord Shiva, who lies above a lion. To the different side of dirty Kamakhya sit Vishnu and Brahma, who are individually placed atop a lotus, similarly.

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The Ambubachi festival is commemorated each year in the June month, proceeds with three or four days assembling countless believers from every part of the country. Visit Kamakhya Mandir in any month as it is considered favorable in all condition.

The climate of Assam is so pleasant, so you can visit the shrine at any time you desire to. So don't search for the best time to visit kamakhya devi temple.

Kamakhya Temple

How to reach kamakhya devi temple?

The Guhawati tour is not finished until you visit Kamakhya Temple. You will be amazed by its elegance and the sacred atmosphere. Below described are how you can reach Kamakhya temple:

How to reach kamakhya temple by air?

The Kamakhya temple is 20km away from the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, which is similarly recognized as Guwahati International Airport. This LGBI airport is the nearest airport from kamakhya Temple that pertains to usual flights from Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and different Indian cities.

How to reach kamakhya temple by Train?

Kamakhya city has its individual depot running by the term of Kamakhya Railway Station. But it is thought preferable to disembark at the Guwahati Railway Station as it is extremely adequately connected to other main Indian cities.

Utmost trains reaching from different Indian metros and cities stop here, as this is the biggest depot in North-eastern India.

On entering the Guwahati railway station, go to the temple first if you wish to have darshan first or take an auto and go to the hotel where you want to stay.

How to reach the temple by road?

It will take about 8km from the Guwahati railway station to reach the Kamakhya Mandir. Come out from the railway station and pass-over bridge, then walk forward a little, and you'll get various auto-rickshaws, buses, and meters taxis.

It takes from railway station nearly 20 to 25 minutes to arrive at the temple from the buses, turning upon the traffic. On the other hand, you can similarly come down to the Kamakhaya Railway station and rent a regional vehicle to visit the temple.

How to reach kamakhya temple by walking?

Similarly, like other deity temples, the temple of the goddess is situated on the top of a hill, named Nilachal Hill. So, you will have to step uphill to visit the temple.

You can also reach the temple by going through the staircase from the floor of the Nilachal Hill. Carriers are ready for a reasonable tax to hold up the aged people on a palanquin to the temple of Goddess Kamakhya.

How much time does it take to visit?

The Kamakhya Temple is a significant holy place for Hindus. Visitors who visit Guwahati, the city of shrines, should go to kamakhya Temple. You will be amazed by its elegance and the sacred atmosphere. The bare challenge is in the relation of time expected to visit the shrine until set up for VIP entrance which takes about 3-4 hours. 

Kamakhya Temple timings: 

You can visit this temple from 8 AM to 6 PM. If you don't want to visit during rush hour then evening visit is recommended for you. During evening time the crowd will be very less and you will be able to explore the place nicely. We have shared some kamakhya temple images below you can check out them.