Why You Should Go to Umngot River(Dawki) For Your Next Vacation

Umngot river or Dawki River is one of the most famous tourist spots in Meghalaya. The crystal clear water of this river and soothing beauty of nature attracts lakhs of tourists every year. This river is located at Shnongpdeng village of West Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya.

Umngot River(Dawki)

Dawki river distance from Shillong

This river is approximately 90 kilometres away from Police Bazaar, Shillong and to reach there you can go by private car, or hire a taxi from the main city as public transport and other rented cars are easily available at the Shillong centre point.

If you are driving a personal car please be careful as the road are very narrow and if you don't have much experience in riding hilly areas then it's better to go for a rented taxi.

 If you hire a taxi for Shillong to Dawki the Taxi Fare will be approximately Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 for 1 day.

Umngot River(Dawki)

Why it should be your next travel destination?

There are a lot of reasons to visit this place because Dawki River or Umngot river offers a lot of mesmerizing views which can refresh anyone's mind. We have mentioned below why you must travel to this place please check out.

Dawki Lake

Boat Ride:  If you love boat ride then it will be a great experience for you but if you don't like boat riding then you must try one because it will give you the feeling as if you are floating on the river.

Crystal clear water will give you a unique feeling and a lifetime experience that you will never forget in your life. Dawki river boating price is Rs 900/boat which will accommodate 4-5 person easily.

Camping at Dawki river: If you want to stay for a night you can get tents from some homestay. Camping is always fun if you are with your buddies.

So if you went there with your friends then I would say that don't miss this opportunity. Because camping at Dawki riverside is really something out of the box.

Tents might cost you around Rs.400 per head for a night. You might get to enjoy a bonfire at night if you request the owner.

Shillong to Shnongpdeng Village: Here, we will talk about the journey again because this journey will give immense pleasure to your eyes through the natural beauty of Shillong to Shnongpdeng. 

Fishing at Umngot River, Dawki:  Fishing is allowed in this river so you can carry fishing kits with you. If you don't have a fishing kit then you can always ask the local people they might help you to get one.

and you can do a lot of other stuff there like cliff jumping, Kayaking etc.

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Frequently asked question by the Traveller's

1. What is the best time to visit Dawki?

Ans: The best time to visit Dawki lake or RIver is from October last week to March. Because if you visit in the rainy season you will not be able to see the clear water of that river. Because the rain the water will become brownish in colour.

2. Can we swim in Dawki River?

Ans: Yes if you know swimming definitely you can do that but you need to cautious and must wear a life jacket which is easily available there. 

3. Is the Umngot River, Dawki worth visiting?

Ans: Yes, Of course, it worths a visit if you love adventure and natural beauty. 

4. Is Meghalaya safe for tourists?

Ans: Meghalaya is one of the safest places for tourist and will remain so once you visit Meghalaya you will come to know how friendly the local people are.

5. Is Umngot River is the cleanest river in India?

Ans: Yes, Umngot River is considered to be one of the cleanest rivers in India. The local people are taking care of this river nicely and also the government of Meghalaya.