Deepor Beel - The bird sanctuary of Assam

Deepor Beel is a pristine paradise for birds and has been the source of joy and excitement for many nature lovers. The beautiful view of the lake provides a unique feeling of closeness to nature. 

The chirping of the birds the calm water is something which nobody would want to leave as soon as you reached the place.

Deepor Beel

The name Deepor Beel is taken from the Sanskrit Dipa means elephant and Beel mean wetland. 

The Beel is located about 10 kilometers away in the southwest of Guwahati city, and it is one of the large and important rivers in the Brahmaputra Valley of lower Assam. 

Assam witnessed a large number of aquatic birds in this Beel during the winter season because of the rich fauna it has. The bill was designated as a Ramsar site in November 2002 by the Ramsar Convention.

Deepor beel

The 4.1 square kilometer water body of Dipor Beel is found to be the habitat of over 120 species of birds according to the Department of Forest Assam.

Major Attraction:

The major attraction of this Beel is Barn swallow, Kingfisher, Fishing eagle, Adjutant stork, Purple heron, black kites, sandpiper, and various duck species.

Moreover, It is one of the largest Beel in Assam and acts as stormwater reservoirs of the city and thereby can be greatly helpful in managing the city's drainage system during the monsoon season.

Deepor Beel Pollution:

Time Flies, and with time everything changes, Deepor Beel has also changed; unfortunately, the changes are not positive. 

With the growing greed and responsibility of people, the condition of the bill is deteriorating day by day.

The rapid growth of the urban population, along with the increase of industrialization, is affecting the ecosystem of the Beel. 

At the same time, the waste products thrown at the bill by the visitors have also been gradually starting to pollute the area to a great extent.

Deepor beel

How to reach Deepor Beel?

By Road:

Deepor Beel bird sanctuary is about 10kms away from the Guwahati city and well connected to the roads. So you can get there by car or bus as per your comfort. This Beel is located near the National Highway.

By Air: The nearest airport is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, and the distance between the airport to the Dipor Beel Lake is almost 9 km.

Deepor Beel wildlife sanctuary timings:

Visiting timing to this Beel is 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Frequently asked questions:

Why Dipor Beel is famous?

Ans:  The beel is famous for different species of birds and also one of the best picnic places in Assam, in addition, it contains a rich variety of aquatic species. 

Till now 20 amphibians,12 lizards, 18 snakes & 6 turtle & tortoise species are listed. The diversity & concentration of indigenous freshwater fish species is extremely high in Dipor Bil. 

Deepor Beel wildlife sanctuary is located in which state of India?

Ans: This beautiful beel is located in Assam, India.

Deepor Beel distance from Guwahati Railway station

The distance from Guwahati railway station, Paltan Bazar to Dipor Beel is about 13 kilometers.

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