Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam - Entry fee and Jeep Safari price

POBITORA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY is also known as POBITORA National Park is located at the banks of Brahmaputra river’s southern part in Assam basically in the Morigaon district.

It is said to be one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in India, and it is known for its variety of grass species and also the species of different animals.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

One-Horned Rhinoceroses and Giraffe are the two major attractions found here and this park is literally rich when it comes to habitat, species, and ecological environment.

The POBITORA national park is surrounded by the Assamese villages from all sides and the people here try to inherit the great culture of Assam.

Therewith the traditional culture of Assam and the wildlife surrounded it proves to be a breath-taking wildlife experience for the travelers in Assam.

How to Reach the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary?

By Air: Flights are offered till the Guwahati Airport from all major cities after which one can easily reach the national park by cab or taxi.

By Rail: The nearest rail station is Jagiroad which is 29.6 km away from Pobitora and Guwahati is another railway station close to POBITORA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY.

By Road: The amazing Pobitora sanctuary is just 48 km from the beautiful city of Guwahati, and the roads are in very superior conditions. Therefore, it takes hardly 2 hours to reach this wildlife sanctuary.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary


Pobitora in the early days was a dense widespread marshland with a variety of plant and animal species. From earlier times only, it was surrounded by Assamese villages and also had the largest population of Rhinoceros and wild bulls. In 1971, the tourism of Assam declared it as government-owned reserved forest property.

After which it was transformed into a national wildlife sanctuary for the purpose of tourism and animal wellbeing. The Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary was involved under a program called as Indian Rhino Vision 2020 under which the aim was to protect and save the endangered species of single horned rhino.

Vegetation in pobitora national park:

The vegetation in Pobitora wildlife sanctuary is known to be the best of grassland vegetation where more than 15 species of grass are found.

These include Cynodon dactylon, whip grass, vetiver, Ravenna grass, Phragmites karka, southern cutgrass, and signal grass.

This grassland proves to be natural habitat and feeding place for the Rhinoceros and other animals found here are wild boars, elephants, barking deer, and Indian leopard.


The sanctuary has in a total listed variety of mammals, Bear category and types of amphibians, and 370 variety of birds. Also, it has 29 varieties of Reptiles.

Out of these creatures, the one-horned Rhinoceros is the most endangered species of Rhinos which is found here only and contributes to the second largest population in Assam.

Animals found in pobitora wildlife sanctuary:

The wildlife of the Pobitora National park contains Indian leopards, leopard cats, deer, Chinese pangolin, wild pigs, wild boar, feral buffaloes, smooth Indian otters, civet cats.
A wide variety of reptiles and birds can be easily found here.

Birds of pobitora wildlife sanctuary:

The POBITORA wildlife Sanctuary has above 370 categories of birds in which 100 birds are of connecting mountainous landscape in Assam. It possesses the biggest crowd black kite, Indian eagles, Pallas's Fishing Eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle, White-ramped Vulture, blue kingfisher, etc.

Decent birds to glance at are chillas, Swamp Francolin, Rufous-ramped, Red-headed Trogon, Pied Harrier, Bristled Grassbirds, Marsh, and Jerdon's, Babblers.


The climate of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is said to be sub-tropical and also monsoon type is mostly windy and moist up to 76% close humidity.

So the season here directs the climate and therefore the climate is changing in three phases according to the season that is rain, winters, and summers.

There is a dense rain every year after which a phase comes where there is less moisture and the environment becomes dry. But overall the climate is very good here at Pobitora and one can visit at any time of the year.

Best time to visit pobitora wildlife sanctuary:

You can visit Pobitora in any month of the year, yet the nicest time is in the middle of October to March as the climate at the time is dry and chill at night. So, visit the best wildlife park and explore its beauty

POBITORA is famous for which animal?

Pobitora is famous for the great Indian One-horned rhinoceros also it has other species of animals and birds that are unique.

Where is Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in India?

Pobitora National Park is located at the banks of Brahmaputra river’s southern part in Assam basically in the Morigaon district.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary distance from Guwahati

It is just 48 kilometers away from Guwahati's main city and it will take about 2 hours of time. to reach this beautiful place. Road, Rail, and Airways any mode can be used to reach here easily. Also, this park provides its own pickup from the airport on demand of the tourists.

Pobitora wildlife sanctuary timings and entry fee:

The timing of visiting in this wild life sanctuary is 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Entry Fee:

For Indian Nationalist: Rs 50/-

For Foreign Nationalist: Rs 500/-

Price of Jeep Safari in Pobitora is Rs 1300.00 (Max 6 people).