Tsomgo Lake Gangtok | Permit Temperature & ropeway

If you like to roam and see beautiful places then you must visit tsomgo lake once in your lifetime. There are many lakes that you can enjoy by visiting, but today we are going to tell you about one of the most beautiful lake of India, This lake is located in the state of Sikkim. Its most exciting thing is that this lake changes its color as per the weather conditions and the locals considered it as a sacred lake.

tsomgo lake

Tsomgo Lake is very popular all over India including this area. It is well known for its color-changing form. It is a type of glacial lake that is located about 40 kilometers away from Gangtok, Sikkim.

This lake is situated at an altitude of 3753 meters or 12313 feet above sea level, due to which the the is too cold and covers the entire lake with snow and that's make the view much more beautiful and enchanting. 

The beautiful view of the lakes attracts lot of tourists every year. Tsomgo lake is also known as Changu Lake and meaning of Tsomgo is “the supply of water” in Bhutia language.

About Lake topography

The topography of this lake contributes greatly to its natural and amazing beauty. The lake is surrounded by steep hills from all around and when it gets cold, these hills get completely covered with snow. 

During summer the snow melts and flows in the lake. This lake act as a source of water and the temperature is from 0-25 degrees Celcius. 

Best time to visit tsomgo lake

If you want to visit changu lake or tsomgo lake, then you should have a fixed plan beforehand. This type of farmland cannot be visited all the time. Most people like to visit this lake in May. 

If you want to see this lake covered with snow, then for this you can visit it at the end of December, you can see the covered form of this lake in April month.

The weather is clear in November and December and the open sky is also clear. There is a possibility of rain during the monsoon in summer, besides you can visit tsomgo lake in March and April.

How to reach tsomgo lake

If you want to see the natural beauty of this lake, then you must know the right way to reach here and you must have the right knowledge of this area. 

If you come from a far away area then you can use the road to reach here. It is located only 40 kilometers from the capital Gangtok, so you can easily reach here by road.

tsomgo lake

If you want to use the flight to come here, then let us tell you that there is only one airport in Sikkim named Pakyong and it is located about 30 kilometers from Gangtok, this airport is connected to Guwahati and Kolkata and it includes Delhi Mumbai as well.

If you want to visit through train, then you must to know the correct information, due to the geographical location of this place, there is no railway station there, the nearest railway station is located in West Bengal, and that is New Jalpaguri (NJP) Railway station. From NJP to Gangtok you will need to go by road which is about 120 kilometers away.

Things to do in tsomgo lake

If you are visiting first time then there is a lot for you to do and enjoy the journey. 

1. You can do yak ride which will cost about Rs. 50 - 100/-

2. There is a ropeway you can enjoy that too.

3. You can also play with snow as the lake is completely covered with snow.

tsomgo lake

A small Shiva temple is located there, which is also a part of tourism, if you wish, you can visit that place too, along with the beautiful plants and flowers situated on the tsomgo lake will force you to attract in its beauty. 

Since this lake is situated at a high altitude, there is often fog due to cold and hence it is also called a hidden veil lake, for those who are lovers of natural beauty and want to see natural beauty, then this place is best for such people.

You can also go to the small marketplace that sells yak cheese, trinkets, and nearby curios to the tourists. Some small stalls lease out jackets, boots, and gloves to help the tourist.

Temperature in Tsomgo or Changu Lake

January to March : (8 deg / -20 deg) If you are interested to see snow then this is the perfect time that you must make a plan, You will really enjoy some quality time. 

April to May : ( 18 deg / - 17 deg) Though not an ideal time to visit but still there will be a lot of things you will be able to enjoy. So never miss a chance to visit this place.

October to December (temp 26 deg / -10 deg) During this time there is a high chance that you will experience clear view everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is permit required for Tsomgo Lake?

Ans: Yes Permit is required to travel in this lake as that area fall under restricted zone. So it is mandatory to get the inner line permit from Gangtok. 
For the foreigners, special permit is required.

2. Ropeway fees in Tsomgo Lake?

Ans: The ropeway charges in Changu Lake is Rs. 60.0 per adults,Rs. 30 for kids.