Best Time to Visit Nathula Pass (Gangtok,Sikkim)

Everyone dreams of visiting Mt.Everest. But obviously, only a few can make it possible to reach there. But there are many more places that ordinary people can reach and can enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas. In all of that, NathuLa pass is one of those places. It's a mountain pass in the Himalayas, which is in the East Sikkim.

Nathula Pass

Nathula pass connects Indian state Sikkim with China Tibet Autonomous Region. The Pass ranges about 4310 m above the sea approximately, sound chilled! Right? Let's get to know what the word Nathula means- Nathu means listening ears and La means Pass both the names are originated from Tibetan

The further fact will make you feel you are lucky as an Indian because the Pass is just 54 km east of Gangtok, which is the capital city of Sikkim. And only citizens of India can visit the Pass, but yeah you have to obtain a permit from the Gangtok. 

The Pass is one of the attraction points, and people visit it with great enthusiasm. Yeah, I came to know you too even now getting the desire to visit it. So, let's go into How to reach Nathula Pass's answer.

How to reach Nathula Pass?

It's a pass so that the beautiful experience can be felt by roadways only. But to reach the Pass, various ways are there. The Pass can be run by Air as well as by Rail.

  1. Forgoing to Nathula pass, you need to reach Gangtok pass. And for staying you have to take the hotel in the Gangtok, and try to take a hotel in north Gangtok so it will be easy for you to reach Nathula pass.
  2. You can opt for any of the ways according to your convenience for reaching the destination. Lets me tell in a brief of both the methods.

By Rail- you can opt for New Jalpaiguri IN Siliguri is one of the nearest railway head which will let to reach the Pass.

By Air- you can reach through Bagdogra Airport, which is approximately 178 km from the Nathula pass.

Let's dive into knowing the day timing to visit the Pass. Yes, you read it right. Even in the timing, you have to check out the day timing.

Nathula pass open days

  1. Sunday
  2. Wednesday
  3. Thursday
  4. Friday
  5. Saturday

  • The above days says clearly that the pass Nathula pass is closed on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Nathula pass entry Timing – 10 am to 4 pm.

Nathula Pass

Best time to visit Nathula Pass?

Before letting you know in which month you should prefer visiting the Nathula pass, just let me turn your mind towards the weather of the Nathula pass.

The weather of Nathula pass-

  • In winter, the temperature of the Pass drops down to -25 degrees Celsius.
  • In summer, the minimum temperature goes down to 10 degrees Celsius. Right now, where I am living, their temperature in winter goes up to 20 degrees only. So I can feel the chill right now, hope you also can.
  • June to September – is off-season as landslide is seen in this monsoon season.
  • So I think I successfully reach you the chills, now in a season, you can experience the Nathula pass beauty are.
  • Summertime- months like April to mid-June is the best time to visit when the other parts of India face the sun's anger. You can enjoy here the blessing of winter.

    Autumn time- months like October and November is best to experience the beauty of Nathula Pass.

    As you are set for the plan of the trip to Nathula pass. Just remember, as it is an international border, you need to take permission to visit it. So let know-how and from where you will get the permit for visiting Nathula Pass.

How to get a Nathula Pass permit?

To get the permit, you have to go to Sikkim tourism, and you have to take with you 1 ID proof and 2 Passport size photos. The ID proof should be an Aadhar card a must. But if you for a permit, it will not be given instantly, you have to wait for a day. And I know being a tourist wasting a day is too heavy. That's why we researched another way to make your trip more fruitful. (** remember the permit will not be allowed for a child less than four years). Ways to get the permit

  1. Go to Sikkim tourism.
    As discussed before it will consume your whole day, so no use for this option.
  2. Ask any registered travel agency
    This might help you, as they have many connections and well known about the rules. But even in this too you have to follow the same procedure of documents and should give or inform the agency one day before that your day won't waste and the next day you can enjoy the Nathula Pass.
  3. Ask your hotel manager, to arrange the permit.
    It's the same as the agency. You have to ask one day before by submitting them the documents required.
  4. Ask any local person or guide.
    The same, one day before with all the required documents. And as you know, the local people can trust them more quickly as the papers will be secured.

The nathula permit cost is Rs. 200 INR.
The above things clearly say you should plan for more than a day so that you can enjoy it happily.

Tourist Attraction in Nathula Pass

Some of the quick review of the attraction of the Nathula pass

  1. Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir
  2. Mera Bharat Mahan Hill
  3. Staircase to Indo China border
  4. Tsomgo Lake
  5. Mandakini Waterfalls
  6. Hangu lake

The three foremost attractions pass are Baba mandir, Tsomgo lake, and Indo china border Nathula Pass. But if you start early from the hotel, you can visit many other beautiful spots in the place. As you went so far for a visit, don't give much time to a hotel room, jump into the warm clothes and visit the beauty.

Few things need to keep in mind before you plan for the Nathula trip.

  1. Days on which the Pass is closed you surely need to check.
  2. Permit for the Nathula pass.
  3. Months you can visit the beauty of the place.
  4. The most important point, you cant visit the Pass by your own don't miss that point in your plan.
  5. Medical health, as it is in heights and even colder than your area. You may suffer from breathing problems.

Check out all the above points in mind and plan your trip. Hope with the above information your Nathula Trip becomes one of the best memorable trips.