Best time to visit Sela Pass in 2023

Arunachal Pradesh has a stunning mountain pass Se La (La means Pass) it is a must-see place. Sela Pass, which is located in Tawang District in Arunachal Pradesh is situated at 4,170 meters above sea level, offers a glimpse of paradise on Earth. Its cool setting and adrenaline height is just amazing. There are clouds that cover the gaps between mountains, which makes this attraction a rare tourist attraction.

Sela Pass

This scenic area is a great place to start your travels among the most amazing destinations in Mother Nature. Sela Pass is subject to heavy snowfall in winter, but that doesn't mean it can't be experienced year-round. It is usually open throughout the year for tourists unless there are landslides or any government holiday. 
Tawang is the home of approximately 101 lakes. Sela Lake, one of Arunachal Pradesh's most popular lakes, is famous for its beauty and amazing view. Sela Pass is located just 78 kilometres away from Tawang town.

How to visit Sela pass?

Anyone who visits Tawang must visit this place and people often ask how we can reach there from Tawang? well, it's not so difficult if you are in Tawang that means you are already very near to that place. You can book a local Taxi and start your journey to Sela Pass. You will get plenty of shared taxis from Tawang to Sela pass but we recommend you to book a personal taxi for a whole day. You can check the charges we have mentioned below. You can hire a taxi for a whole day:
  • Sumo rental approx Rs.4000/day,
  • Innova/Xylo Rs.4500/day (incl fuel, driver)

Things to do in and around Sela Pass

As this is one of the major tourist attractions in the Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh you can enjoy a lot of things like you can play with snow, can explore the peaceful natural beauty and breathtaking mountain view.

Best Time to Visit Sela Pass, Tawang

We will recommend you the best time to visit Sela Pass in September-October if you want to see the greenery view from Bhalukpong to Tawang. 
Sela Pass

But if you want to experience snow then you can plan for April. There will be heavy snowfall from November to April and which is why most of the death also happens during this time so we won't recommend visiting this Pass during these months.

Sela Pass is famous for what?

During the China-India War in 1962, A sepoy of the Indian army named Jaswant Singh Rawat fought single-handedly against the soldier of china. During those days a lady named Sela used to bring food for him but one day she found Jaswant Singh Rawat's dead body after that she committed suicide. From then this pass become one of the most famous places in Arunachal Pradesh.