[MTET syllabus 2022] MIL (GARO)

M.I.L (GARO) Syllabus for MTET Meghalaya

M.I.L (GARO) Syllabus for MTET Meghalaya

Paper – I

Full Marks - 30

Nature of Oral Language acquisition

  • Home Language vs School Language
  • Functions of language ( in and outside the classroom)
  • Acquisition of language

The Social Context of language

  • Child’s Mother tongue/ home language
  • Standard language and Dialects

Importance of Language Skills – Four Skills

  • Listening Skills
  • Speaking Skills
  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills

Application of Skills in a Classroom situation

  • Techniques in teaching a particular topic using four skills
  • Using appropriate teaching aids in the classroom for teaching a particular lesson.

How to develop listening skills

  • Listening to a story
  • Listening to a poem
  • Listening to a conversation.

How to develop speaking skills

  • Storytelling
  • Dramatization
  • Conversation
  • Dialogue and role play
  • Recitation.

How to develop reading skills

  • Reading a story with comprehension
  • Reading poetry with comprehension
  • Picture reading.
  • Reading aloud by the teacher

How to develop writing skills.

  • Letter writing
  • Paragraph writing
  • Use of correct punctuation
  • Picture composition.
  • Environmental print (print awareness) and creating print-rich classroom

Suggested Reading:

1. Aesopni Golporang: Tura Book Room

2. Poraiani Ki∙tap from Class I to V: Meghalaya Board of School Education Tura.

3. History of Garo Literature: M.S. Sangma.