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One of Assam's most well-known YouTubers is Dimpu Baruah. His straightforward demeanor and conversational attitude draw more visitors to his YouTube channels. He has power on social media as well. He runs the "Dimpu Baruah" and "Dimpu's Vlogs" YouTube accounts. He just created the Hindi YouTube channel "Diimpu."

Dimpu Baruah


Age24 years old (in 2023)
Date of BirthAugust 16, 1995
Full NameDimpu Baruah
ProfessionYoutuber, Teacher
BirthplaceAssam, India
Zodiac SignLeo

Dimpu Baruah Personal life

Pitambar Baruah and Latika Baruah welcomed Dimpu Baruah into the world on August 6, 1995 in Nalbari, Assam. Growing up, he was really bashful. He doesn't have a sibling. His mother works part-time, while his father works in Guwahati. In his early years, he was shy. He has no siblings. There is no information about Dimpu's personal life relationships or current marital status.

From 1997 to 2001, Dimpu attended 1212 No. Madhabang Prathamik Bidyalaya. From 2003 to 2006, he attended Chaukhutia High School in Pathsala after that. However, owing to several problems, he failed class 7. His parents agreed that from 2007 to 2008, he will attend Brajalakhmi BidyaPith High School in Nalbari.

In 2010, he once more transferred his school to Debiram Pathsala High School.

He enrolled in class 8 He graduated from the school with a Class 10 diploma after passing the HSLC exam.  He received a second division on his HSLC.

During his college studies, Dimpu enrolled at Brahmaputra Valley Star Academy Junior College in Nalbari. He took Arts stream in his 11th and 12th courses. He received a first-division grade for his Higher Secondary in 2013.

Dimpu enrolled in Nalbari College to get his undergraduate degree. He pursued a B.A. with honors in English. In 2016, he earned his B.A. His CGPA was 6.9. Moreover, he holds a D.EL.Ed. He is now studying an English MA at Nalbari College.

He raised 43,000 rupees through a Youtube campaign to aid Assam flood victims in 2020 and handed the money to the homeless flood victims. He is presently attempting to influence public opinion on many aspects of Assamese culture using YouTube.

Dimpu Baruah Career

Dimpu Baruah is the owner of the "Dimpu Baruah" and "Dimpu's Vlogs" YouTube channels. When Jio was originally introduced, Dimpu claimed to have seen YouTube. When he opened the YouTube app for the first time, he saw a lot of videos from foreign YouTube creators.

Curious, he then searched for Assamese Youtube channels and discovered the "Ola Crazy" Assamese channel. He was astounded to learn that Assamese YouTube videos are being watched by people. He was thus motivated to launch his own YouTube channel, Dimpu Baruah.

On June 21, 2017, Dimpu posted a video on his "Dimpu Baruah" account on YouTube for the first time. The video was titled "Nalbari Town by Bike".  It did not spread widely.

In 2017, Dimpu Baruah posted the first live video of Gordon School, Nalbari, to Facebook. It was an emotive documentary about Gordon School, which opened its doors in 1887 but was destroyed by government neglect.

Overnight, that video became viral, and it was included on the Assamese News Media programme "Pratidin Time." People started viewing his other films on YouTube after that one became popular. There was no going back after that. He created a second vlog channel as well.

Dimpu Baruah On this channel used to produce videos on\sTechnology, Mobile Unboxing and other tech-related subjects. Also, he occasionally uploads vlogs of Nalbari town. Nonetheless, he then began posting vlogs on another YouTube account.

This was Dimpu's second YouTube channel, Dimpu's Vlogs. He endeavors to demonstrate Nalbari and other stunning locations in Assam. His straightforward demeanor and funny quips draw viewers of all ages to his vlogs. His vlogs are made much more lovely by his Nalbari accent.

He has an extremely loyal following of viewers. On January 7, 2022, this channel passed 2 million subscribers.  Although this is Dimpu's third YouTube channel, it is his first in Hindi. He aims to expose Hindi-speaking viewers to every aspect of Assam and northeast India through this channel. G6 The slogan for his YouTube videos is "Hello Dosto." Baruah frequently receives invitations to speak at book fairs and school events.

Dimpu Baruah Timeline of his career

1st Uploaded Video Nabari Town by Cycle (19 July 2017)

Most Popular Video - HoW to create Youtube Channel (35 lakhs


Total Subscribers 17 lakhs or 1.7 million (approx)

Total Views 20 crores (approx)

Dimpu Baruah has 1 million followers on instagram

Dimpu's Vlogs:

1st Uploaded Video- when met Himanta Mama- (24 March 2021)

Most Popular Video Delhi am going Faali Dibo (35 lakhs views)

Total Subscribers 20 lakhs or 2.8 million

Total Views-50 crores (approx)


1st Uploaded Video -my first Hindi vlog (27 Dec 2021)

Most Popular Video -10Ok ride on SUPERBIKE with

@BeerBikerSamy and @aamir majid (10 lakhs views)

Total Subscribers 2.5 lakhs or 250K thousand (approx)

Total Views 80 lakhs (approx)

Dimpu Baruah Income (Net worth)

He has over 1.7 million users and 100 million views, according to Dimpu Baruah. Every month, he receives an average of over 200k views. The anticipated monthly salary is around $3,000.00.

250 million views and over 2 million subscribers may be found on Dimpu's Vlogs. Every month, he receives an average of over 400k views. Around $15,000 is the projected monthly salary.

Diimpu: There are over 217K subscribers and 8M views on this channel.

Every month, he receives an average of over 100k views. Around $800 is the monthly earnings projection.

Dimpu Baruah Controversy

Many other Assamese YouTubers, bloggers, and roasters are making videos stating that Dimpu Baruah has changed since his popularity. They claim that they witness a behavior change in Dimpu, he has the arrogance and ignores them as they are not that popular. Dimpu puts out a video reacting to them. In this video, Dimpu claims he feels sad that people are portraying and assuming a wrong image of him. He also says that he is very humble and down to earth, and he would never be someone with arrogance.

There is no information or update of any further controversy in which he is indulged.

Dimpu Baruah contact number

As we all love to interact with him but it's not possible for him to talk to everyone, regarding his phone number we would like to tell you that we are not allowed to share his contact details but you can always dm him on his Instagram handle.