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In the world of astrology, Dr. Virat Kanadia is a well-known figure; anybody with a passing interest in astrologers has probably heard of him. With a Ph.D. in Astrology, Virat is primarily a gold medalist astrologer. He then launched his own company in this industry. We shall learn about this excellent astrologer's introduction in this post.

Dr. Virat Kanadia experienced numerous difficulties in his early life. When he learned that spine TB was a serious illness, he lost many loved ones and his relationships with his family were irreparably damaged. In order to get himself out of this predicament, Virat studied astrology in great detail. In order to get himself out of this predicament, Virat studied astrology in great detail. He expanded his internet profession and benefited many other individuals in addition to himself with the aid of his schooling.

Dr. Virat Kanadia





38 years old (in 2023)

Date of Birth

September 27, 1984

Full Name

Dr. Virat Kanadia


Astrologer, Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Entrepreneur




Ahmedabad, India

Zodiac Sign



Dr. Virat Kanadia Personal life

Dr. Virat Kanadia was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, India, and as of the year 2022, he will be around 37 years old. Millions of individuals have access to his astrology services thanks to him. Using the internet, it offered its services to customers online. There is no information about his family, his lovelife and marital status.

Thousands of individuals joined them and utilised their services when they used to provide their services via an internet mobile app. This astrologer offered his services to the public through AstroTalk, AstroYogi, and AstroVarta and was recognised for his efforts with several national honours. His educational qualifications are BBA, MBA, Psychology, Ph.D. in Astrology.

His favorite colors are white and black. His hobbies are Car Driving, Rafting, Traveling, Reading,  and Meditating. His favorite destinations are Mauritius, Bali and Goa and his favorite singer is Arijit Singh. His current residence is at GKII, Delhi ,India.  There is no information about their girlfriend's personal life or financial situation.

Many people might not be aware of Dr. Virat Kanadia's MBA pursuits or the fact that, prior to facing several issues in his life, he was operating highly profitable enterprises all over the world. After he was diagnosed with Spinal TB and became bedridden, the story took a turn, and this may have been the tipping moment. After this happened, his life was totally altered. When a doctor once told him he wouldn't be able to walk again, he made the decision to create his own fate and began studying astrology and psychology to use on himself.

Dr. Virat Kanadia Career

During his initial employment with ICICI Bank, Dr. Virat Kanadia considered expanding his own firm. After this, he prospered in his work and advanced in a variety of industries. However, he was shocked to learn that he had spine TB disease, which had forced him to spend a lot of time in bed.

Yet with time, he came to understand that he would need the assistance of an astrologer if he wanted to be healed of this illness. Virat made a promise that he would now properly explore astrology when he entered this sector. After this, when he was fully recovered, he began using his knowledge to assist other individuals.

It is stated that you are chosen by astrology rather than the other way around. His entire life experience led him to believe that astrology was calling him. After then, there was no turning back since helping people find answers became his passion.

He made a lot of forecasts, such as that Covid-19 vaccines will be available in a year. Also, he predicted that Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma will have a kid in the beginning of 2021, which turned out to be accurate. He currently consults with a lot of celebrities and very prominent people.

They speak with him for motivation in addition to astrology since he combines psychology and astrology, which includes talk therapy. He claims that by using the two free planets that God has provided, you may alter your fate. One represents your thoughts, the other your karma, while the first is represented by the moon. He is well aware of when to take advantage of favorable planetary alignments and when to reject them. One may conquer the world and succeed in all aspects of life by employing this strategy.

He is adored by the public for his endearing and genuine demeanor. He is able to offer precise answers since he has dealt with situations including losing his work, business, fortune, health, and a bad relationship. Each option he offers has been put to the test by him.

Several of his patients who were previously receiving treatment from psychiatrists and using regular medications have been healed by him. He has the opinion that anything in life can be overcome if you know how to manipulate the moon. He continues by saying that he is really happy when he prevents someone from making a bad decision. He has so far used the ideal combination of astrology and talk therapy to save numerous lives.

Furthermore, he currently has clients from all over the world, and he enjoys seeing foreigners seek his advice when they believe in Vedic Astrology. Since he believes in inner happiness, he educates and offers beautiful information for curious souls on his YouTube and Instagram so that people may learn and implement the things in their lives to live happily.

Giving back to society, in the opinion of Dr. Virat Kanadia, is the key to ultimate success. He works selflessly to help children who are dealing with sexual exploitation, depression, and anxiety.

Dr. Virat Kanadia Awards and Achievements

Nowadays, Dr. Virat Kanadia is well-known as a psychologist and astrologer who offers online therapy for a variety of mental illnesses. After personally benefiting from this approach, Dr. Virat thought that he could now use it to assist individuals all over the world. will offer some sort of care.

He earned a Ph.D. in astrology for this reason, independent of everyone else. Dr. Virat Kanadia helped a lot of individuals by treating them after I finished my Ph.D. His art is highly regarded, and he has received several national and international honors for it.

Dr. Virat Kanadia Net worth

Dr. Virat Kanadia is a specialist in psychology and astrology who has helped many people overcome various illnesses via his services. He has a large fan base both domestically and overseas, and he makes a good living providing Such services. But, there isn't a lot of information on his wealth.

Dr. Virat Kanadia Controversy

There is no information about any controversy regarding Dr. Virat Kanadia.