Narins Beauty Biography, Net Worth, Boyfriend

A well-known DIY, beauty, and fashion content creator on YouTube, Narins, alias Narins Beauty, is a social media personality. With 1.2 million fans on Instagram, she has a sizable following base. Narins was raised in Sweden by her parents after being born in Syria. Narin Amara is the complete name of Narins Beauty. 

Narins Beauty Biography

She began the "Narins Beauty" YouTube channel at the age of 14, and it currently has more than 3.1 million followers. Her well-known composition, "Hala Ya Sidi," which she posted two months ago, has already received 11 million views. She takes the next move towards fame with the help of this song. See below for more information on Narins Beauty's wiki, net worth, boyfriend, age, family, and a variety of other topics.


Age23  years old (in 2023)
Date of Birth18 April, 2000
Full Name

Narin Amara

ProfessionYouTuber, Social Media Influencer
Zodiac SignAries

Narins Beauty Personal life

Narin Amara is the complete name of Narins Beauty. She was born in Syria on April 15, 2000. She and her brothers were raised in Sweden after her family moved there. Although she has acquired a lot of fan support globally, she has particularly large fan bases in Sweden and Syria. 

Sherin and Cedra are the names of Narins Beauty's two sisters, while Jalal and Shera are the names of her two siblings. Similar to Narin's Beauty, Sherin's Beauty and Cedra's Beauty, which have 1.5 million and 1 million followers respectively, own their own YouTube channels. 

The three sisters were well-known among Syrians, who also honored them alongside other notable public personalities with Syrian roots. Narin knows Arabic because it is her first tongue.

There is not much information available about her education.

Bassam Ahmad and Narins once dated. Following their separation, there is now speculation that Narin is courting another well-known Narin vlogger named Mo Vlogs. Together, Mo Vlogs and Narin enjoyed her 18th birthday in Sweden, and a recording of the event was also uploaded to his channel. 

Mo Vlogs is the owner of the "Mo Vlogs" YouTube channel, which has more than 5.8 million subscribers. He is located in Dubai and employs to post more content about supercars. The videos "reacting to my girls new song" and "I left her *she cried*" by Narin and Mo Vlog have garnered 1.2 million and 1.1 million views, respectively.

Narins Beauty Career

On September 24th, 2014, Narins launched her "Narins Beauty" YouTube account. She was only 14 years old. Despite starting a single account, she didn't upload any videos to it. After a year, on September 27, 2015, she posted her first video to her account, which featured Sherin's attractiveness. 

The video currently has 2.6 million views and 9000 remarks. She initially began her film in a comedic vlog manner with a variety of challenges. She began getting more followers and views once she began posting DIY and makeup tips. 

She began to concentrate on DIY and beauty lessons, and since then, she has amassed millions of followers worldwide on both YouTube and Instagram. Additionally, Narins Beauty began offering straightforward makeup tutorial advice.

Later, Sherin and Cedra, the sisters of Narins Beauty, joined her in making films. She recently began filming videos with Mo Vlog, a well-known YouTube YouTuber and another social influencer who is rumoured to be Narin's partner. 

Today's cosmetics trends are constantly changing, and Narins Beauty's success is founded on this. By posting at least one film per week, she maintains her followers completely informed about current makeup trends. 

Her Youtube website and Instagram account are great resources for anyone interested in learning about the most recent makeup trends and items.

There are many movies that have received over a million views, but ExpressFromUS received 4.4 million+ views, The Zoom in Challenge received over 3 million views, and feat. Biso TV received over a million views. 

Narin has so far posted 160 movies to her own account. In addition to this, she produced numerous movies with her siblings and shared them on their separate channels. On May 12, 2018, Narins Beauty dropped her debut music video, "Hala Ya Sidi," which was well received by her followers. 

It is one of her channel's most popular movies and has over 11 million views.

Narins Beauty Awards and Achievements

Not much information is available.

Narins Beauty Net worth

In any of her recordings, Narins Beauty has never mentioned her wealth. She will primarily make money from advertising and brand sponsorships. 

The annual salary range for Narins Beauty is between $72.5k and $930.4k. Her estimated overall net wealth is $0.65 million. She recently purchased a new home in Sweden in July 2018 and owns the land. She ranks among Sweden's top social media earnings.

Narins Beauty Controversy

She has not indulged in any controversy so far.