Dighalipukhuri park - Best Timing, Entry fee, Boating

Dighalipukhuri Park cum Lake is one of the biggest man-made lakes in Assam which is about half a kilometer long. As the name suggests Dighali means 'Long' Pukhuri means 'Lake' which is rectangular in shape. 

This lake is very near to the Paltan Bazaar Railway station and opposite Handique Girls College. As per history, The lake was created by the famous king Bhagadatta of Pragjyotispura by making a canal from the Brahmaputra River.


During the Ahom kingdom, Guwahati becomes a strategic place to fight with Mughals, and this lake was mostly used for Naval yards.

It is used during the famous Battle of Saraighat which was actually a naval battle. Dighalipukhuri covers almost 17-18 bigha land in the heart of Guwahati city.

Dighalipukhuri Timing

The Dighali Pukhuri lake opens at 8:30 AM and closes at 5.30 PM. So if you are visiting this place make sure you visit as per the timing.

If you visit after 5:30 PM you will not be allowed to do boating but still, you can enjoy the lakes and also you can do an evening walk. If you visit in the morning time you will surely see people are doing exercise, yoga, jogging, etc.

Dighalipukhuri boating price

It's been a while now that I visited that place so on the last visit I saw that the price of boating was Rs 50 per person. There may be a slight change in the price you might see if you visit now.

If you visit this lake you can see other nearby places also in one go. Some of the things or places that you can see in your visit to Dighalipukhuri are Guwahati Planetarium, NEHRU Park, Assam State Museum, Cotton College, Guwahati High court, etc. With the lake, there is an amusement park which is made only for children so that they can have some fun there.

Inside the lake, one restaurant is there where you can sit and have food and also you can enjoy the view from there. In that restaurant, they usually cook Chinese and northeastern food.

Dighalipukhuri Park distance from Airport 

The distance between the lake and the airport is about 17 Kilometers. There are almost every transport service is available you can choose any one bus, local taxi, ola, uber, and also a bike taxi service.

Note: Dighalipukhuri pin code is 781001.

Dighalipukhuri Park

Frequently Asked Questions

1. who built Dighalipukhuri Lake?

Ans: The lake was built by the famous king Bhagadatta of Pragjyotispura.

2. Is there any good restaurant nearby?

Ans: Yes, There are a lot of restaurants you will see if you walk on the other side of the lake which is also called Tayebullah Road. In that restaurant, you will see CCD, Repose, and many other restaurants.

3. How far Dighalipukhuri Park is from Paltan Bazaar?

Ans: The Distance from Paltan Bazaar to Dighalipukhuri lake is around 2-3 Kms. You can travel by bus or else you can just walk for 5 minutes.

4. Is there any market nearby?

Ans: Yes Paltan Bazaar, Fancy Bazaar, and Lakhtokia are the nearest markets to the Dighalipukhuri park.

5. Is Dighalipukhuri park Guwahati and Lake are the same?

Ans: Yes, they both are adjacent to each other. In the park, children use to play during the evening time.